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CNC Retrofits 

End Radius for The Machinist's Friend, a Valuable Utility Program to Solve Various Trigonometry Calculations. Such as Right Triangles, Oblique Triangles, Sine-Bar, Bolt Circle, Circle, Chords, Hexagons, Squares, Speeds and Feeds.
Corner Radius for The Machinist's Friend, a Valuable Utility Program to Solve Various Trigonometry Calculations. Such as Right Triangles, Oblique Triangles, Sine-Bar, Bolt Circle, Circle, Chords, Hexagons, Squares, Speeds and Feeds.    
From complex mold making to short and long run production. We have solutions to meet todays demanding requirements. We build to order with the options you need to succeed.

AMR, Inc. is a company that specializes in CNC retrofits. We have developed a special CNC retrofit package for Bridgeport BOSS NC Milling machines. We have searched the nation for quality 1980's vintage CNC machines. These machines have long been left in the warehouses of modern production facilities and are usually in excellent mechanical condition. They end up not being used because of their obsolete control systems (Boss, Bandit, Slo-Syn, etc.).

Advanced Machinery Resources offers the Centroid retrofit kit.
Advanced Machinery Resources shows off the Centroid control pendant .
For 50% less than the cost of a new machine your Series I or II Bridgeport, NC knee mill can be retrofitted with a State of the Art Centroid CNC control. This retrofit includes the replacement of all existing electronics and axis motors, installation and training. The retrofit will transform the Boss machine into a true 3 axis CNC that is faster and much easier to program than the original control. The Centroid / Boss retrofit will eliminate expensive repair costs and drastically reduce down time. The retrofit package utilizes a Centroid CNC control, a modern PC based CNC that eliminates many typical limitations of other controls.
  The Boss retrofit package can be ordered in 3, and 4 axis configurations. The package provides automatic control of the spindle motor, the flood pump, the mister and lube pump (with auto low-lube detection with most models). Retrofits can operate from 220 or 440 volt three phase power or even 110 volt single phase.

The retrofit package comes standard with 29 in-lb motors closed loop DC servo axis motors which are 130% to 150% more powerful than the stock axis motors. (percentage depends on the specific model Boss). With the Centroid CNC retrofit, the machine will have much smoother tool motion with no hesitation. The retrofit uses a state of the art 32 bit DSP( Digital Signal Processor) which guarantees smooth continuos tool cutting action with no hesitation and no gouging even at high speed feed rates.
Advanced Machinery Resources Boss 5 retrofit with Centroid controls.

The retrofit package includes many standard features such as a modern Pentium PC based made-in-America Centroid CNC control which includes: a 10 gig Hard drive, Floppy drive, High speed machining, Intercon Conversational, Industry Standard G and M codes , G&M code editor and color G code graphics, Fiber Optic connections, Digital DC servo amplifiers, and update able CNC operating software.

Time consuming limitations of the old control are eliminated. The new retrofit CNC control will remember the Part Zero positions, the Tool library and the Part Programs even if the power is shut off, saving you setup time every morning, unlike the original Boss control.

Significantly Reduce scrap parts. See exactly what the machine will do before pressing cycle start! With the Centroid retrofit, checking your work before machining the part is fast and simple. The graphics of any part program can be viewed in seconds. Both the programmed path and the cutter compensated path are displayed using two different colored lines. The part program graphics are exceptional and provide valuable operator information. The graphics are scaled, the X and Y axis are displayed so the size of a given part or feature can be determined quickly. An accurate part run time estimator tells you how long it will take to machine the part. See your part from any angle 2D views, (Front, Side, and Top) along with a 3D view allow you to thoroughly check your work before machining.

Unlike the original control, the new retrofit package checks to see if your part program will fit within the travel limits of the machine BEFORE you start to machine the part therefore, saving you time and wasted material expense.

With the retrofit package, thousands of part programs can be stored right at the machine for easy retrieval. The built in floppy disk allows easy backup of all your programs for safe keeping.

Programming parts right at the machine is now quick and easy. 90% of retrofit customers exclusively use the conversational programming included with the retrofit package to program their parts. The included Intercon conversational is known for its ease of use and powerful features. Canned cycles include: Circular & Rectangular pockets, Frame milling, Facing, Thread Milling, Tapping, Boring, three Drilling cycles, Lines, Arcs, Math Help, and Teach mode. Many of the canned cycles have automatic finish pass generation and selectable Z axis plunge (angle or straight). While you are programming, you can see color graphics of your program instantly so you can check your work as you go.

Machine parts not possible with the old control. With the Centroid retrofit, 3D parts or part programs generated from a CAD/CAM system can be run with no hassle at all. Any CAD/CAM system can be used to program the new control and since the new control is PC based, file transfer from a desktop PC is very easy.

Use your old NC machine to perform the work of much more expensive machines! Options not even possible with the old system are now available with the Centroid Control. You can Digitize 3D parts with your Bridgeport Boss. The Digitizing option can be used to replicate molds or convert molds to plugs or plugs to molds. Automatic roughing and finish cycles make the job easy. Centroid has brought previously out of reach Digitizing technology to the average shop by introducing a price and technology breakthrough. The user friendliness of Centroid's Digitizing option is unmatched in the industry.

Engrave letters, numbers and symbols. An inexpensive Engraving option allows you to engrave with 20 different fonts. Fast and easy engraving right and the control.

Machine true 4th axis Rotary table work for the same cost of an ordinary indexer! With a Centroid retrofit you can now machine complex or simple rotary work with your machine. Unlike a limited indexer, this option is fully programmable and can move the rotary axis simultaneously with any / all other axes. The 4th axis option can be used like an indexer or simultaneously with any other axis both of which can be easily programmed from Intercon conversational or by G codes just like any other axis. Unlike the old Boss NC control the AMR, Inc. retrofit will not go out of date. The CNC operating software is easily software update able, no EPROM's or PC cards to exchange. Centroid Software updates are quick and simple, with our retrofit, you will be able to stay up with the current advances in CNC software technology as they come along.

AMR, Inc. has many years of experience in retrofitting Bridgeport Boss Machines which puts us in the best position to expertly upgrade your machine. AMR, Inc. also provides quality retrofits for other NC / CNC machines call today for more information.

We can supply you with the complete machine OR restore your old Bridgeport, Hurco, Schizouka, Kasuga, Tree, Cincinnati, etc. to basically like new condition. Call one of our many satisfied customers. They are tickled when they are able to use their old machine again.

Advanced Machinery Resources T-39 Hardinge retrofit with Centroid controls.
Now available, CENTROID T-39 Hardinge Retrofit kits. This kit is all you need to upgrade any Hardinge CHNC, HNC or HXL lathe. The easiest and fastest way to upgrade a Hardinge. We supply you with everything you need. The system is completely pre wired and tested before it leaves the factory. All PLC programming has been done for you. Our Kit replaces all existing electronic components and includes a new spindle motor, encoder and inverter along with new DC Servo axis motors** with encoders.

Our Hardinge kit takes all the time consuming problems out of a retrofit, we have done the work so you don't have to! Specialty Installation hardware and drilling templates are included. A typical CHNC retrofit takes only 2 days with basic shop tools.

Our retrofit package makes the Hardinge perform better than new! Give your Hardinge what it deserves, a CENTROID CNC.

A CENTROID Hardinge retrofit has full automatic control of the Hardinge tool turret. We have taken the mystery out of this fantastic machine. The retrofit engineering has been done for you. Simply hook it up and it runs!

Advanced Machinery Resources T-39 Hardinge retrofit with Centroid controls.
  When updated with a new Centroid CNC. This highly accurate machine is a real money maker

With a Centroid retrofit, every wire location and terminal block is mapped out. There is a pictorial guide to show how to retrofit, step by step. No more long hours of engineering and machining adapters plates for the encoders and spindle motors. Within minutes, you can be making money retrofitting, instead of inventing.

Centroid Hardinge Retrofit CNC Features:
Large Built in Hard drive and Floppy Drive, Tower case Pentium PC based, with DSP motion control, Unlimited part program storage
Fast Smooth Continuous Tool Motion, Intercon Conversational Programming, G-code Programming, G code Editor
Color Graphics, shows cutter comp, with time estimation
Cutter Radius Compensation, Program interrupt and restart, adjust tool offset, Drilling Cycles, Subprograms and Macros
Multiple Works Coordinates, Canned Threading, turning, tapering, grooving, cut off, radius, chamfer, blended chamfer and more.
Automatic Roughing Pass Clean out, Automatic Finish Pass Generation
Spindle "S" Function, Constant Surface Speed
Programmable Spindle Speed, Programmable Control of Hardinge Automatic CNC turret,
G-Code Backplot Graphics, backplots any G code program
Feed Rate, Rapid Rate, and Spindle Speed Override
Operator Control Pendant with dedicated Jog buttons, fast / slow Incremental / Continuous, Spindle auto/man on/off cw/ccw, Coolant auto/ man, Spindle and Feedrate overide, tool check, feed hold

Auto home, remembers part zeros and tool offsets

A video tape and literature is available contact: Jerry Kohler 503-221-8741 References are available upon request.





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