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CNC Controls

End Radius for The Machinist's Friend, a Valuable Utility Program to Solve Various Trigonometry Calculations. Such as Right Triangles, Oblique Triangles, Sine-Bar, Bolt Circle, Circle, Chords, Hexagons, Squares, Speeds and Feeds.
Corner Radius for The Machinist's Friend, a Valuable Utility Program to Solve Various Trigonometry Calculations. Such as Right Triangles, Oblique Triangles, Sine-Bar, Bolt Circle, Circle, Chords, Hexagons, Squares, Speeds and Feeds.    

An example of Advanced Machinery Resources M400 Centroid screen.

  M-400 Full-featured Mill Control

The Centroid CNC control, is a powerful PC based CNC that eliminates many typical limitations of other controls. It finally gives you the ease of operation you have been looking for. The Centroid control is so easy to use you'll be cutting parts your first day. Couple this with our Automatic Tool Presetting & Probing Cycles and setting up in 5 minutes or less becomes your new reality!

These controls are perfect for your proto-typing, mold working, short or long run production. The Centroid control can be ordered in 3, and 4 axis configurations. The package provides automatic control of the spindle motor, the flood pump, the mister and lube pump (with auto low-lube detection with most models).

The Centroid Control comes standard with 29 in-lb. motors closed loop DC servo axis motors which are 130% to 150% more powerful than the stock axis motors. (percentage depends on the specific model Bridgeport Boss machine). With the Centroid CNC, the machine will have much smoother tool motion with no hesitation. It uses a state of the art 32 bit DSP( Digital Signal Processor) which guarantees smooth continuous tool cutting action with no hesitation and no gouging even at high speed feedrates ( up to 200 IPM).

The Centroid control includes many standard features such as a modern Pentium PC based made-in-America Centroid CNC control which includes: a 10 gig Hard drive, Floppy drive, High speed machining, Intercon Conversational CAM programming, Industry Standard G and M codes , G&M code editor and color G code graphics, Fiber Optic connections, Digital DC servo amplifiers, and update able CNC operating software.

The Centroid CNC control will remember the Part Zero positions, the Tool library and the Part Programs even if the power is shut off, saving you setup time every morning.

Significantly Reduce scrap parts. See exactly what the machine will do before pressing cycle start! With the Centroid control, checking your work before machining the part is fast and simple. The graphics of any part program can be viewed in seconds. Both the programmed path and the cutter compensated path are displayed using two different colored lines. The part program graphics are exceptional and provide valuable operator information. The graphics are scaled, the X and Y axis are displayed so the size of a given part or feature can be determined quickly. An accurate part run time estimator tells you how long it will take to machine the part. See your part from any angle 2D views, (Front, Side, and Top) along with a 3D view allow you to thoroughly check your work before machining. It checks to see if your part program will fit within the travel limits of the machine BEFORE you start to machine the part therefore, saving you time and wasted material expense.

Thousands of part programs can be stored right at the machine for easy retrieval. The built in floppy disk allows easy backup of all your programs for safe keeping.

Programming parts right at the machine is now quick and easy. 90% of Centroid customers exclusively use the Intercon conversational program included with the Centroid package to program their parts. The included Intercon conversational is known for its ease of use and powerful features. Canned cycles include: Circular & Rectangular pockets, Frame milling, Facing, Thread Milling, Tapping, Boring, three Drilling cycles, Lines, Arcs, Math Help, and Teach mode. Many of the canned cycles have automatic finish pass generation and selectable Z axis plunge (angle or straight). While you are programming, you can see color graphics of your program instantly so you can check your work as you go.

With the Centroid Control, 3D parts or part programs generated from a CAD/CAM system can be run with no hassle at all. Any CAD/CAM system can be used to program the control and since the new control is PC based, file transfer from a desktop PC is very easy.

The Digitizing option can be used to replicate molds or convert molds to plugs or plugs to molds. Automatic roughing and finish cycles make the job easy. Centroid has brought previously out of reach Digitizing technology to the average shop by introducing a price and technology breakthrough. The user friendliness of Centroid's Digitizing option is unmatched in the industry.

Engrave letters, numbers and symbols. An inexpensive Engraving option allows you to engrave with 20 different fonts. Fast and easy engraving right and the control.

Machine true 4th axis Rotary table work for the same cost of an ordinary indexer! With a Centroid Control you can now machine complex or simple rotary work with your machine. Unlike a limited indexer, this option is fully programmable and can move the rotary axis simultaneously with any/all other axes. The 4th axis option can be used like an indexer or simultaneously with any other axis both of which can be easily programmed from Intercon conversational or by G codes just like any other axis. The Centroid control will not go out of date. The CNC operating software is easily software update able, no EPROM's or PC cards to exchange. Centroid Software updates are quick and simple, you will be able to stay up with the current advances in CNC software technology as they come along.
An example of Advanced Machinery Resources M400 Centroid Engraving   Engraving
Engrave letters, numbers, and symbols. Program the text from included options directly on the Centroid control. These include font selections, font sizes, text in an arcs, text on an angle, mirrored or vertical, and simple 3D engraved surfaces. Import DXF files for more complex images.

An example of Advanced Machinery Resources M400 Centroid High Speed Machining   High Speed Machining
Use high speed machining for 3D surfaces and artistic shapes. Complex 3D CAD/CAM or engraving programs can be run at high speeds without hesitation. A high throughput block rate combined with 2000 block Accel/Decel look ahead allows fast cuts while holding tight tolerances.

An example of Advanced Machinery Resources M400 Centroid Digitizing   Digitizing
Copy and cut 3D parts with Centroid's Digitizing. Simple, accurate, and everything you need in one package. No extra computer is needed. Digitizing automatically generates and stores the part program on the controls hard-drive. Cut the part immediately or export the data to your off-line CAD/CAM system for editing. Run the part through Centroid's included "Mold Magic" software for auto-roughing pass generation or to reverse image the part to create a mold from a plug or vice versa without CAD/CAM
An example of Advanced Machinery Resources T400 Centroid screen.
  T-400 Full-featured Lathe Control

Centroid's flagship lathe control comes standard with features that will make your turning jobs easier. The T-400 can handle any sized lathe or turning center, any sized axis motors, any hp spindle and is auto tool changer ready. The T-400 includes an integrated jog panel to simplify your workspace, and comes with a standard keyboard or optional sealed keyboard. The crystal-clear 15" LCD reduces eye strain during programming or running a job. Axis motors: AC brushless or DC brush. The T-400S is also available for lower cost turning

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